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If you are a first-time bettor, then we will provide you with the step to step guide on how to start betting, how to use either a credit card or VPN in betting and how to become the bigwig of betting. Finding the right bookmaker is very crucial in online betting. Do not go for any betting site blindsided; we are her to give you the information about the right bookmakers when it comes to betting. We will give you a list of best betting sites that do not only accept cards for depositing but more importantly for withdrawing funds.

If you are using a Visa or a MasterCard, you’ll find the easiest time accessing most betting sites, the operators of these sites ensure that there are multiple ways to make payments from anyone across the world. Less popular cards such as Diner’s Club have a difficult time making payments or withdrawing from various online sports betting sites. Though, you can still be able to find sites that accept your card for transactions.

Provide this information i.e.


  • Your Full Name; your names should reflect exactly as it is on the card inclusive of the asterisks if present.
  • Email ; the mailing address that the financial institution has when applying for the card or the current mailing address that you changed to- must also be updated on the organization’s portal.
  • Credit card number; this number is usually 16 digits spread out on the front of the card.
  • Expiration date; this is the date when the card will expire.
  • CCV code; this number is usually found on the back of the card on the top right-hand corner.

After finishing inputting financial information, the transaction is immediate. Be cautious as at times it is impossible or may prove difficult to withdraw from a bookmaker, other times it deposits the winnings back the credit card and not the bank account. Ensure you have an alternative to submitting that you will use to withdraw your profits.

With regards to security, the internet always has issues when it comes to financially based transactions. However, credit card companies go to great lengths to ensure that defrauding doesn’t take place. With new fraud prevention methods and detection schemes, you can rest assured that it was difficult to be robbed of your money through your details. Visa and MasterCard have gone to lengths to ensure none of their clients can quickly get reaped off without setting off an alarm. The two credit card companies have implemented a program whereby you put a pin or password that you had initially input in the processor when checking out. The major bookmarkers utilize Security Sockets Layer encryption for pages into which you submitted your financial details. Only you and those authorized can view.

Companies which have a go ahead in retaining personal financial information are bound by the UK to maintain high-security levels which are verified by other organizations. If you are in doubt that a page is not secure, you can look for proof of SSL by checking the website’s certificate or checking the URL whether the https ends with an ‘s,’ if so the site is secure.

Paying with credit cards usually generated a certain amount of fees, however nowadays due to the competition they hardly charge anything. Bookmakers have even gone to an extent whereby they advertise their lack of charging fees for credit and debit cards.